Toys and Visors



Item # Description

Order Info

T-1 BALLS, FLASHING BOUNCING (24/TUBE) 3 tubes per box (Minimum Order of 3 tubes)
T-2 SQUEEZE BALLS, SMILE FACE (24/box) minimum order of one box
T-3 SQUEEZE BALLS, SPORTS DESIGN (24/box) minimum order of one box
T-4 YO YO BALLS (4 colors) (12/box) minimum order one box
T-4 BARKING GATOR minimum order of 12 pcs
T-6 BEACH, PALE AND SHOVEL (Four assorted colors) minimum order of 12 pcs
T-7 DOCTOR KITS (Two assorted designs) minimum order of 12 pcs
T-11 POWER BOAT (72/CASE) (Minimum Order of 12 pcs)
T-12 F-16 FIGHTER JETS (BATTERY PWR) (2 ASSORTED) (48pcs/CS) (Minimum Order of 12 pcs)
T-13 F-14 FIGHTER JETS (BATTERY PWR) ( 2 Assorted) (48pcs/CS) (Minimum Order of 12 pcs)
T-15 SQUEEKY GATORS (12/box) minimum order one box
T-18 FOAM SUNGLASSES (36/Bag 144/case) minimum order one bag
T-19 ANIMAL VISORS minimum order of 24 pcs of any one design
T-20 BUNGIE VISORS  several theme designs to choose from.  Minimum order of 144pcs can be several different themes.